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Update: This domain appears to have expired so I’ve removed the links. You can find a wide range of books on Ancient Egypt at other online stores, such as Amazon.

If you’re looking for books on Ancient Egypt and Egyptology, you’ll find a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books, audio books, and e-books over at EgyptologyBooks.Com (no longer active).

EgyptologyBooks.Com is an online referral book store which specializes in Egyptological publications for all ages and levels of interest. Whether you’re looking for an academic text on the archaeology of Pre-Dynastic Egypt, a self-study course on Egyptian hieroglyphs, or some Egyptian-themed historical fiction to read during your commute to the office or school, you should be able to find what you’re looking for on their website.

Indulge your inner Egyptologist! (Image credit: EgyptologyBooks.Com)

Indulge your inner Egyptologist! (Image credit: EgyptologyBooks.Com)

Visit EgyptologyBooks.Com (no longer active) today and indulge your inner Egyptologist!

Disclaimer: I will not receive any money for this advertisement or any commission on books purchased via the EgyptologyBooks’ website. The owner of EgyptologyBooks.Com is a friend of mine and I simply want to help her get her new business on its feet. Please note that I will not accept any unsolicited requests to promote a site, product or business on this blog.

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2 Comments on EgyptologyBooks.Com

  1. Does carry the new Egypt publications by American University in Cairo Press, called AUC Press Nature Foldouts? The newest one is on the wildlife of Ancient Egypt and features the early history of Egypt’s fauna, artwork and hieroglyphs of the ancients. They are great for introducing both adults and children alike to the environment of Egypt.


    • I’m not sure. It’s best to check with the owner of the site. She should be able to assist you and might even be able to add the Press Nature Foldouts to the catalogue if they’re not already available. 🙂


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