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Guest Blog: All T*ts and Tight Shorts: A Feminist’s View on Lara Croft

Please note that the original article was deleted by the author

Classic Lara’s portrayal in the older Tomb Raider games has certainly caused a lot of controversy over the years, with some people even suggesting that Lara’s unrealistic proportions were the very reason why many female gamers found it hard to relate to Ms Croft.

Cath certainly felt that way, as she explains in her article, All T*ts and Tight Shorts: A Feminist’s View on Lara Croft  (link no longer available)

Now, don’t groan at the title. This isn’t a feminist rant at that icon of adventuring, Lara Croft, but more of an explanation as to why it had taken me until 2013 to actually play a Tomb Raider game.

And the title was what I used to describe Lara whenever Tomb Raider games were mentioned to me in the past.

But things have changed. And I will explain why…

Lara Croft first made an appearance in 1996, and whereas it was nice to see a strong female lead character in a computer game, at a time when the only female characters were there to be rescued or as a love interest. However, I just wasn’t that impressed in the design.

All tits and tight shorts.

Lara in those days was obviously designed by men, with the stereotypical male obsession with boobs, tiny waists and a big arse shining through…though by 96′s graphics it was more pointy boobs à la Madonna circa 1990. But enough about that…

Lara Croft circe 1996. Don’t point those boobies at me, madam… (Image credit: Unknown)

Lara Croft circa 1996. Don’t point those boobies at me, madam… (Image credit: Unknown)

Now, I am all for a strong female lead character in video games and nothing puts me off a game more than you having to play a man (Assassins Creed and Dishonoured for example) and no choice, so Lara should’ve been right up my street.

But all I saw was the boobs, tight shorts and tight top. Oh, and a vision of 15 year old boys getting excited, Beavis and Butthead style. And this put me off, a shame as the actual adventuring and arse-kicking of baddies seemed like a good idea to me. (Continue reading)

The original article has been deleted by the author but if you’re looking for more guest blogs on Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, check out our archive of guest blogs.

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