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Unearthed: 21st July 2013

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A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What’s Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game (Kotaku)

Good news, reboot fans! Dark Horse Comics will be publishing a series of comics that will pick up where Tomb Raider 2013 ended and will lead directly into the sequel. Where will Lara go next, I wonder..?

Creating Your Own Lara Croft TOMB RAIDER ‘Survivor’ Costume (Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog)

Guest blogger Amanda McGinnis shows you how you can create your own “survivor” Lara outfit for conventions and Halloween parties.

Having a go at Egyptology (The Feast Bowl)

Jennifer Reid tries her hand at Egyptology and learns about the history, purpose, evolution, identification and care of Ancient Egyptian shabti figures.

PaperCraft: Tomb Raider (PaperCraft)

Do you need any fun projects to keep you busy during the long summer holidays or weekends? If so, check out this awesome site and find out how you can make these amazing Tomb Raider paper-craft models yourself!

Archaeology Dig- a Day in the Life (Trent & Rebekah)

Think that archaeology is all about ancient treasures and booby traps? Guess again. Here’s a day in the life of a dig assistant working at a site in Ashkelon, Israel.

Halet Çambel: Olympian, Activist, Archaeologist (TrowelBlazers)

Professor Halet Çambel was not just an accomplished archaeologist but was also the first Muslim women to compete in the Olympic Games and represented Turkey in fencing at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Top Templar destinations this summer – my tips! (The Templar Knight)

Tony McMahon lists five of his favourite Knights Templar destinations, which include Carcassone in France and Royston Cave in England.

Sacred Cenotes: Secrets of the Maya Otherworld (National Geographic)

Photographers Paul Nicklen and Shaul Schwarz travelled to the Yucatán to uncover the secrets of ancient Mayan sacred cenotes. But what did they discover there?


Long-lost pyramids or just natural formations? Answer buried in Egypt (NBC News)

An amateur archaeologist in North Carolina may have stumbled upon some long-lost pyramids in Egypt thanks to the power of Google Earth. Field research will need to be conducted in order to verify whether the structures are indeed pyramids or are simply natural rock formations.

Archaeologist says he’s uncovered King David’s palace (UPI)

An Israeli archaeologist claims to have found the ruins of King David’s palace at the site of Khirbet Qeiyafa.

Roman mosaics discovered in Amasya (Hurriyet Daily News)

Excavations at a site in Amasya, Turkey, have uncovered a number of mosaics dating back to the Roman Period.

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