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Unearthed: 14th July 2013

Despite criticism, there is value in an anthropology degree (MLive.Com)

Deana Weibel addresses concerns that anthropology and archaeology degrees aren’t good investments and explains why there is still some value in studying for Bachelors in these subjects. This piece was written in response to another article in which the author refers to archaeology students as “Indiana Joneses” and archaeology degrees as “clunker degrees”.

Two Cities, Two Lives, Two Deaths (Sukanya Ramanujan)

Sukanya Ramanujan considers the notion of history repeating itself and how this relates to the present conditions of the heritages sites at Pompeii, Italy, and Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Ancient Greece, the Middle East and an ancient cultural internet (The Guardian)

Greek and Roman history have often been studied in isolation but historians and Classicists are beginning to view the so-called “classical civilizations” as part of a much wider multicultural network.

Following in Lara’s Footsteps: An Egyptian Travelogue (Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog)

A few years ago, renowned game blogger Mary Goodden spent three weeks travelling around Egypt, channelling her inner Lara Croft and learning more about the sites that appeared in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

The Marvellous, Mud-Marching, Mummy-unwrapping Margaret Murray (TrowelBlazers)

Meet Margaret Murray, one of the first female Egyptologists who petitioned for women’s rights, assisted in the unwrapping of an Egyptian mummy, and devoted much of her career to the study of paganism, folklore and witchcraft.

Photostory: Merlin’s Cave & Tintagel Beach (Burning in Water)

Cath indulges her interest in Arthurian legend by walking along Tintagel Beach and taking a peek inside Merlin’s Cave.

Dear Stella, if a sequel to Tomb Raider 2013 does go into development… (Stella Raids Tombs)

Stella replies to a fan who asked her what she would like to see in the sequel to Tomb Raider 2013.

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