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NEWS: Intact tomb chamber in Qubbet el Hawa opened‏ – VIDEO

Some exciting news about the opening of an intact tomb in the Qubbet El-Hawa cemetery in Aswan in southern Egypt. The tomb is said to contain the mummified remains of an official who served under the pharaoh Amenemhat III in the late 19th century BC. The discovery of an intact tomb in a cemetery that is regularly targeted by gangs of looters is, quite frankly, nothing short of a miracle.

Thanks to Gemma for bringing this story to my attention. If you’re fascinated by all things Ancient Egyptian, be sure to visit her blog, The Egyptiana Emporium. 🙂

The Egyptiana Emporium

“A Spanish mission, led by Professor of Ancient History at the University of Jaén (UJA) Alejandro Jimenez has managed to open an intact tomb (over 4,000 years old) at Qubbet el Hawa, one of the largest private cemeteries in Egypt .

Professor Jaen, who found several years ago the Chamber of Secrets with the help of Dr. Mohamed el-Bialy, the then head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Aswan and Nubia, has worked for three years to have access to the large slab polished stone that sealed the chamber.

Upon removal of the slab, the excavators were able to access the inside of the chamber and a coffin containing the mummified remains of an ancient ruler of Elephantine from the reign of Pharaoh Amenemhat III (1818 – 1773 BC)” – via

Read more here (in Spanish).

You can watch a video report of the opening of the tomb…

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