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Unearthed: 17th June 2013

Tomb of Tutankhamun High Res Image Viewer (Factum Foundation)

The Factum Foundation has created a high resolution image viewer that will allow archaeologists and other specialists to examine Tutankhamun’s tomb in fine detail and monitor the condition of its wall paintings.

Development in China continues to destroy ancient sites (The Heritage Trust)

The Heritage Trust crew draw attention to China’s failure to protect its ancient sites in the face of rapid economic growth and urban development.

Preservation by Record, but for how long? (The Heritage Journal)

What does digitization of archaeological records and archives mean for future generations of historians and archaeologists?

Obscure Pre-Columbian Sunday: The Mirthless Mixtecs (Unearthing)

Enrico takes on the mirthless Mixtecs, a Pre-Columbian civilization known to the Aztecs as the “People of the Clouds”.

Egyptologist risks life, career to expose looting (TribLive)

An inspirational article about Dr. Monica Hanna, an Egyptian Egyptologist who is risking her life and career to protect her country’s archaeological sites from looters.

Uxmal: House of the Doves (David Niddrie Photography)

David Niddrie shares a stunning photo of the House of the Doves (El Palomar) at Uxmal, the Maya site that served as the inspiration for the Southern Mexico levels of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Ancient Chinese Murals Saved From Tomb Robbers (Live Science)

Chinese archaeologists have managed to protect the colourful and well-preserved murals of a Northern Qi tomb that was discovered in Shuozhou in 2008. Although the bodies and majority of the grave goods have been stolen by tomb robbers, the murals will no doubt cast some light on the socio-political history of 6th century China.

The Gayer-Anderson Cat (Seshat’s Journal)

Nickytoo reflects on the beauty of the Gayer-Anderson cat, one of the most famous works of Late Period Egyptian art and the possible basis of the cat statue seen in Tomb Raider I (you can also find it hidden away in the manor’s basement in Tomb Raider II).

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