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Unearthed: 12th June 2013

Why does the games industry have such a problem with female protagonists? (The Guardian)

Belinda Parmer calls on the gaming industry to create more games with strong female protagonists and to tackle sexism within the industry.

KALI-MA! Ritual Human Heart Extraction (Bones Don’t Lie)

Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Mola Ram removes the heart of a sacrificial victim? Katy questions whether such practices are supported by archaeological evidence.

Cath’s Tomb Raider review (Burning in Water)

Cath Barielle shares her thoughts on the latest Tomb Raider game.

Habits of A Lifelong Learner (Power Factor Leadership)

Stephen lists some of the habits people should adopt for lifelong personal and/or professional development.

Videogame Archaeology in Meatspace (Archaeogaming)

Andrew Reinhard writes about the Atari Dump Site in New Mexico from an archaeological perspective.

Philology: Introduction to the Significance of Language Analysis (GraecoMuse)

Jenni explains why aspiring historians and archaeologists should study philology.

Harriet Boyd Hawes – Archaeologist (Saints, Sisters, and Sluts)

Susan Ozmore looks at the life and career of Harriet Boyd Hawes (1871-1945), an American archaeologist who caused a stir by travelling to Greece on her own and ended up discovering the Minoan palace complex at Gournia, Crete.

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