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3 Months Down the Road

It’s been exactly three months since I launched The Archaeology of Tomb Raider and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for reading, sharing and commenting on my blog posts and for following me on Twitter and/or Facebook. It’s been an awesome three months and I’m still amazed how far this blog has come since its launch on 10th March 2013. This blog would be nothing if it weren’t for your interest and support. 🙂

Top views by country:

  1. The USA
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Turkey

Top 3 blog posts:

  1. 10 Fantastic Free Resources for Learning Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  2. Have Archaeologists Discovered the Tomb of Queen Himiko?
  3. Arte-Factual: Tomb Raider I: Toltec Warriors

Top 5 search terms:

  1. himiko tomb raider
  2. tomb raider himiko
  3. yamatai himiko
  4. queen himiko tomb raider
  5. tomb raider 2013 himiko

Social networking:

  1. Facebook: 405 likes
  2. Twitter: 283 followers
  3. WordPress: 88 followers

It’s been a pleasure working on this blog and sharing my passion for archaeology, ancient history and the Tomb Raider games with all of you. The stats are looking pretty good and I have you to thank for making this blog a success. Thank you, everyone! You guys rock. 😉

Lara celebrates an awesome three months

Lara celebrates an awesome three months

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