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The Angel of Darkness 30-Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: When did you first play Angel of Darkness and what were your first thoughts about it?

I first played Angel of Darkness (AoD) shortly after it was released in 2003. I had just graduated from university (now I feel old…) and had bought myself the game as a reward for having made it through my final exams and degree ceremony with my sanity intact. Everything about the new game had seemed promising at the time. We were getting a new, darker, moodier Lara Croft who bore a major grudge against her old mentor for abandoning her in Egypt and soon found herself on the run after being framed for his murder. A new direction, new gameplay options, an intriguing storyline involving Nephilim, secret societies and occult paintings, perhaps even a new love interest for Ms Croft. So much potential, so much hype…but, oh, so many glitches.

At first, I was deeply impressed with AoD. The new stamina bar and ability to interact with other characters were a breath of fresh air at a time when the Tomb Raider games were verging on mind-numbing monotony (anyone who has played Chronicles will probably agree with me here). I disliked the combat and stealth missions almost instantly (so imagine my delight when these turned up in TR 2013) but what really ruined the game for me were the glitches and controls. The controls were clumsy at best (and downright infuriating at worst) and it was impossible to be fully engrossed in a game if it crashed every time you so much as looked in its general direction. In the end, I got so fed up of having to restart the game that I gave up on it and didn’t continue playing AoD for almost a year, by which point I was able to download some patches and get through the rest of the game without throwing my laptop out of the window out of pure frustration. 😉

Lara Croft: Glitch Hunter (Image credit: Tombraidergirl.Com)

Lara Croft: Glitch Hunter (Image credit: Tombraidergirl.Com)

So, what were your initial thoughts of AoD? Feel free to leave your comments below and if you’d like to know more about this 30-Day Challenge, click here.

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