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Unearthed: 21st May 2013

Tuesday Tomb – KV1 (The Egyptiana Emporium)

Gemma’s popular “Tuesday Tomb” series is back and in this edition, she takes a look at KV1, tomb of the 20th Dynasty pharaoh Ramses VII. (Author’s comment: You can find an archive of Gemma’s Tuesday Tomb posts over here)

Akhenaten and Monotheism (History and Archaeology Blog)

René writes about the infamous 18th Dynasty pharaoh Akhenaten and Egypt’s brief experiment with monotheism.

Visiting the Dead: Archaeology, Museums and Human Remains (Res Gerendae)

Classics student Philip shares his thoughts on archaeological ethics and the public display of human remains in museums and exhibitions. (Author’s comment: I’ve always found it a little unsettling that people laid to rest can end up on display in a museum a few centuries, or even millennia, later. Imagine spending your afterlife this way…)

Travel Photos IV: Delphi, Greece (World Heritage Alert)

The author shares some beautiful photos of the ancient ruins of Delphi, Greece, home to the world-famous oracle. (Author’s comment: I visited Delphi a few years ago and found it breathtaking…even in almost 40-degree heat)

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