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Unearthed: 20th May 2013

9 Highly Questionable Actions Committed By Indiana Jones (WhatCulture!)

If you think Indiana Jones is a model professional archaeologist, you’d be wrong. Ryan Lynch takes a look at Dr Jones’s track record and lists 9 highly questionable actions committed by the much-loved fictional archaeologist. (Author’s comment: I love this article! The question is, who’s the bigger sociopath? Indiana Jones or Lara?)

Alice E. Kober, 43; Lost to History No More (The New York Times)

Obituary writer Margalit Fox writes about Alice E. Kober, a brilliant Classics professor who came very close to deciphering the ancient Linear B script. (Author’s comment: Linear B was eventually deciphered by Michael Ventris two years after Kober’s death but his accomplishment was only possible thanks to Kober’s tireless efforts) 

The Professor Begins: Anthropology in Action (Ancient Digger)

Lauren explains how her academic background in anthropology has helped her as an ESOL teacher and advises anthropology/archaeology students to consider the various options available to them upon graduation. (Author’s comment: The best advice she offers is to do something because you love it)

Flight of the Kyung: May 2013 (Tibet Archaeology)

In his May 2013 update, Professor David Germano writes about the search for an ancient human settlement on the southern face of Mount Kailash, stone pillars in Upper Tibet, and recent research on the origins of the Tibetan people.

Polly Digs…Mini Breaks (Dig Ventures)

Polly continues her job hunt and explains why we need to take breaks if we want to put our lives in perspective. (Author’s comment: I’d like to wish Polly the best of luck for her upcoming job interview!)

This is What a 14th Century Manuscript Looks Like When Heated (History Kicks Ass)

Ever wondered what a 14th century manuscript looks like after it’s been rescued from a fire? (Author’s comments: Don’t try this at home, kids)

Post thoughts: Tomb Raider (Hole in My Head)

Duoae posts a lengthy and comprehensive review of Tomb Raider 2013(Author’s comment: Another excellent review. The author points out some glaring mistakes and I agree the characterization of Lara has its flaws)

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