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Unearthed: 17th May 2013

King Arthur’s Hall Update (The Heritage Trust)

Roy Goutté posts an update on the survey of the King Arthur’s Hall site on King Arthur’s Down on Bodmin Moor.

The Value of Unprovenanced Antiquities (A Year in Provenance)

The author discusses the value of unprovenanced artefacts and highlights the differences between archaeology and treasure hunting. (Author’s comment: Please note that much of an object’s academic value and context is lost when it is illegally removed from a site. In this respect, Lara’s archaeological methods leave a lot to be desired)

Trowelblazers (Tumblr blog)

Check out this fantastic blog about awesome trowel-wielding women in archaeology, palaeontology and geology. (Author’s comment: I had plans to work on a blog series about female archaeologists but I think this Tumblr blog does a perfect job of that already)

Collecting and relics: making real connections without buying genuine antiquities (OnlineEDYou)

The author argues that an experience-based connection with the place being visited is one way to prevent tourists from purchasing illicit antiquities. (Author’s comment: The author makes some valid points but I doubt it would deter grave robbers from plundering ancient sites and tombs)

Television Egyptology: the state of things and the future (Petrie’s Sardines)

Dan Potter writes about the future of, purpose, and direction of television Egyptology. (Author’s comment: His comments about Zahi Hawass and Ancient Aliens are spot on)

Tomb Raider: Of Arrows, Dead Samurais, and Trite Tropes (It’s All Food & Games)

The author finally gets around to reviewing Tomb Raider 2013 and explains why it has taken so long to do so. (Author’s comment: My own review of TR 2013 is long overdue…)

TOMB RAIDER Developers Scrap Alternate Ending. Which Do You Prefer? (Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog)

The original ending for Tomb Raider 2013 was scrapped during development and Stella’s asks which ending gamers prefer. Share your thoughts over at Stella’s blog! (Author’s comment: If you haven’t finished playing the game and don’t want to know how it ends, don’t click on that link)

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