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Unearthed: 23rd April 2013

Feminism & The Video Game Industry (High Score Business)

The author writes about Lara Croft, the new Tomb Raider game, and why the video game industry needs more women in its ranks. (Author’s comments: It’s good to see that a large proportion of today’s gamers are female. When I was a teenager, I used to get a lot of odd looks if I told people I enjoyed playing video games in my spare time)

Quiz on Identifying Ancient Egyptian Plants (Diana Abuja)

Here are the answer’s to Diana’s quiz about ancient Egyptian plants in Egyptian art. (Author’s comment: The quiz can be found here)

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (Seshat’s Journal)

Nickytoo talks about her recent visit to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. (Author’s comment: Nicky’s photos of her visit can be found here)

Polly digs… Volunteering (Dig Ventures)

In her latest blog post, Polly explains why you should consider volunteering at a dig site if you want to find a job in the heritage sector. (Author’s comment: Some more sound careers advice from the Dig Ventures Communities and Social Media intern)

Additional Information: Funding going on an Archaeological Dig (GraecoMuse)

If you can’t afford to sign up for a field school or archaeological dig, check out Jenni’s short guide to grants and funding. (Author’s comment: Please note that most grants will only be available to university students)

Place: Sexual Harassment and Archaeology (Pots & Places, Stones & Bones)

Lucy talks about the sensitive issue of sexual harassment in commercial archaeology. (Author’s comment: Feel free to share your thoughts and/or experiences on Lucy’s blog)

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