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Unearthed: 19th April 2013

Addressing Tomb Raider and the Problematic Marketing of Lara Croft (Gameranx)

Robyn Miller addresses the shortcomings of Tomb Raider 2013‘s marketing and criticizes the video games industry’s attitude towards its female protagonists.

Margaret Benson in Egypt (William H. Peck)

A fascinating insight into the life and career of Margaret Benson, one of the earliest female Egyptologists and the first woman to secure the right to conduct her own excavations in Egypt.

The “Tomb Raider Temple” – Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat (Middle Savagery)

Colleen writes about the impact the first Tomb Raider film has had on tourism in Cambodia and how it has acted on our imagination of cultural heritage. (Author’s comment: It’d be interesting to know how many people were influenced by the film)

How to find Archaeology Field Schools (GracecoMuse)

Jenni shares some advice on how you can find and join an archaeology field school. (Author’s comment: Many field schools accept volunteers from all backgrounds so don’t worry if you aren’t an archaeology student)

Curator’s Diary 19/04/13: Fragments of a Shattered Image (Egypt at the Manchester Museum)

Campbell talks about the thrill of recognizing a small piece of a famous Egyptian fresco hidden away in the museum’s archives.

What have the Etruscans ever done for us? (“He Has a Wife You Know”)

Find out how the Etruscans helped shape Roman culture and Western civilization.

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