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Daily Links: 11th April 2013

Bobblehead no more: finishing the falcon mummy treatment (In the Artifact Lab)

Molly Gleeson explains how one would go about repairing an Egyptian falcon mummy.

Why Do I Cosplay? Let Me Count The Ways (Meagan Marie)

Meagan talks about what motivates her to cosplay as her favourite fictional characters. (Author’s comment: Another well-written and heartfelt blog post by Crystal Dynamics’s talented Community and Communications Manager)

Can You Identify These Plants from Ancient Egypt? (Diana Abuja’s Blog)

Can you identify all of the plants depicted in these Egyptian works of art? Diana will reveal the answers on her blog in a few days’ time.

Pictish written language discovered in Scotland (TermCoord)

Researchers have identified a new Pictish written language which dates back to the Scottish Iron Age.

The past is not a foreign country (Economist)

The Economist reviews Classicist Mary Beard’s latest book Confronting the Classics.

More Easter Island Photos (Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper)

Mike shares some photos that he took on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) in 1994. (Author’s comment: Easter Island is one of the many places on my travel wishlist)

Do we need male or female role models in videogames? (Suitably Bored)

As the gaming world discusses whether or not Lara Croft is a positive female role model for today’s young women, Larch asks if we really need male or female role models in video games.


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