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Daily Links: 5th April 2013

EES Fieldwork and Engagement Manager (Egypt) – Recruitment information (Egypt Exploration Society)

The Egypt Exploration Society is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, and well-organized Fieldwork and Engagement Manager to be the Society’s main representative in Egypt. Full details can be found on their website (click the link above).

The Truth about Archaeology (Cloture Club)

Comedian Andrew Heaton’s humorous account of the realities of studying archaeology at university.

In Peru, ‘Tomb Raider’ Is Not a Game (Wall Street Journal)

A short article about Peru’s ongoing battle against tomb robbing and the illicit antiquities trade. (Author’s comment: It’s probably obvious by now but I’d like to remind readers that stealing artefacts from tombs may be good fun in a video game but is a serious crime in real life. Tomb raiding robs a country and people of its cultural heritage and destroys the archaeological record of the site in question)

8 Famous Fictional Archaeologists Who Suck at Their Job (Cracked.Com)

An old article but certainly still relevant. Cracked.Com have listed 8 fictional archaeologists whose methods and motives leave a lot to be desired. (Author’s comment: Ms Croft takes the top spot on this list)


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