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Archaeology News – 18th to 24th March 2013

A selection of archaeology news for the period 18th to 24th March 2013

Encroachment Continues on Egypt’s Archaeological Sites, Al-Bordan (Ahram Online)

Egyptian archaeologists and the local antiquities police have succeeded in halting illegal construction works at the Al-Bordan archaeological site, which is located on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh highway. They are now pressing charges against a contractor company which is believed to be responsible for the damage caused to many of the site’s Graeco-Roman structures.

New Archaeological Site Found in Southern Thailand (Bernama)

A new archaeological site has been discovered in southern Thailand’s Trang Province. Excavations at the site have so far revealed a number of human skeletons and pottery and samples have been sent to Phuket for further examination.

Mexico Uncovers Ancient Pelota Courts at Tajin Site (BBC News)

Archaeologists have discovered three ball courts and traces of living quarters at the Tajin World Heritage Site in Veracruz, Mexico, through the use of laser scanning, remote sensors and aerial photography. The structures are thought to be around 1,000 years old and may provide clues as to how the inhabitants of Tajin lived in the city’s heyday.

RIP Time Team, You Were a National Treasure (The Guardian)

Journalist Sarah Dempster reflects on the demise of the popular British TV series “Time Team“. The series, which is presented by actor Tony Robinson, was launched in 1994 and has enjoyed enormous success in its almost twenty-year run.

Afghanistan Hurries to Uncover, Document Ancient Buddhist City (The Seattle Times)

An international team of archaeologists and labourers are racing against time to excavate, document and preserve the ruins of Mes Aynak, an ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan’s Logar Province. The ruins sit atop an enormous copper deposit and  will likely be demolished to make way for an open-pit mine as early as 2016.

Pre-Viking Tunic Found on Glacier as Warming Trend Aids Archaeology (Science on NBC News)

A pre-Viking woollen tunic  found next to a thawing glacier in southern Norway in 2011 is currently on public display at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. The tunic, which is thought to date back to the fourth century AD, is one of hundreds of artefacts that have been found in the country’s southern mountains in the past decade. Archaeologists believe that the widespread thawing caused by climate change may reveal more artefacts and allow them to learn more about the country’s ancient past.

Turkey: Italian Archaeologists Find Gate to the Underworld (ANSAmed)

Italian archaeologists working at the Hierapolis site in Turkey have announced that they have discovered the historical Gate to the Underworld as described in Cicero and Strabus’s accounts.

2500-Year-Old City Discovered in Chhattisgarh (Times of India)

Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a 2,500-year-old city in Chhattisgarh in Central India. A formal excavation has been approved by the Archaeological Survey of India and it is hoped that this will reveal more about the history and fate of the settlement.

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