Daily Links – 31st March 2013

Virtual walking tours of 15 Maya sites in Mexico (Mayamemex)

Mayamemex invites you to take a virtual walking tour of any of the 15 Maya sites available on their website. (Author’s comment: If the virtual tours listed in the first edition of Armchair Adventurer left you wanting more, then here are some more tours to keep you busy!)

Looking in and reaching out: Becoming a public archaeologist (Society for Historical Archaeology Blog)

Sarah Bennett’s advice for archaeologists who are interested in a career in public outreach and education. (Author’s comment: Also useful for students and amateur/avocational archaeologists)

Artifact Magazine: Issue 7 (University College London)

Issue 7 of Artifact Magazine, a free, online magazine produced by University College London’s Institute of Archaeology. (Author’s comment: This issue includes an article about the Orkney Islands’ Neolithic past and an interview with Time Team’s Phil Harding)


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